Marcos Galperin

Argentina | Mercado Libre | E-Commerce | Annualized Total Return (30.92%) | Susan Segal, Andrea Mayumi Petroni

CEO Mercado Libre
July 19, 2023 | 05:30 PM

Marcos Galperin is the founder and CEO of MercadoLibre, the Argentine e-commerce giant valued at over US$50 billion and with operations from Ushuaia to Tijuana. This year, in the midst of a contraction in the technology sector, the company announced that it would add 13,000 employees to its workforce throughout the region. With a strong bet on growing the payment and credit segments, MercadoLibre announced investments of US$5 billion in 2023. Its net revenues grew by 58% year-on-year in the first quarter, while its operating margin was 11.2%, compared to 6.2% a year earlier.

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