Carlos Salinas
13 de diciembre, 2021 | 10:47 AM

En 2014, Carlos Salinas, together with William Kasstan, thought it was time to refresh the mattress industry with a high-quality product that was easy to handle and deliver. Together with his friends, Laurène Maire and Guillermo Villegas, who had developed their careers in Linio, he created Luuna. Their disruption was to sell a mattress mass-produced in Monterrey, the cost of which was 65% lower than the premium brand and lighter in weight. With immediate delivery and a 30-day trial, in just two years the company invoiced 200 million Mexican pesos (US$9.5 million). The brand is today a competitor of Sealy and Spring Air, it has its own stores and is in the country’s major department stores, and has an affiliate in Thailand since 2016.