Rodrigo Baer: “Why a Startup Is a Different Animal from a Traditional Company”

Brazil’s, Venture Capital pioneer, Rodrigo Baer, shares his knowledge on how startups must approach the world of fundraising in the launch or SBOS second season

March 31, 2022 | 06:05 PM

To create a startup means developing a new business model, so there is a lot of uncertainty around it, says Rodrigo Baer, Managing Partner at SoftBank Latin America Fund Early Stage, in a master class on fundraising and introduction to the venture capital industry.

You can watch Part 2 of Introduction to VC here.

In the launch of the second season of SoftBank Group Operator School (SBOS), Laura Gaviria-Halaby, head of ecosystem development and crypto value creation for SoftBank Group International, said the course focuses on all stages of fundraising for startups.

“This is the right place to be if you are just starting with your company. If you’re in a growth stage, if you want to be a VC, you’re going to learn from the amazing founders and experts of SoftBank who will be teaching throughout the semester,” said Gaviria.

In turn, Baer, considered as one of the pioneers of the VC industry in Brazil, defines the stages of startups and their main features as early-stage companies.


“A startup is a company that evolves over time, and evolves at a very accelerated pace,” says Baer.

According to Baer, a startup is a “completely different animal” from traditional companies.

In his class, “Intro to Venture Capital (Part 1)”, Baer, discusses the best way for startups to enter and advance in the world of fundraising.

This classes, offered by SoftBank, will be available free of cost for Bloomberg Línea users in our Startups sections in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

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