“A Startup Is Very Much A Reflection of Its Founders,” Says Rodrigo Baer

Founders are the key to the decision making process and the fundamental element for fundraising, says VC expert Baer in part 2 of his participation in SBOS

Startup planning
April 04, 2022 | 09:33 AM

In Part 2 of Intro to Venture Capital, Rodrigo Baer , managing partner of SoftBank Latin America Fund Early Stage, talks about early-stage assessment.

SoftBank Brings New Season of Its Fundraising Lessons for Startup Founders

You can watch the first part to Introduction to VC here.

Assets to take into consideration, Baer says, are:

Founders and Team



Value proposition


Goals and Values.

This lesson concludes Baer’s participation in SoftBank Group Operator School, currently in its second Season.

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