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Mohamad Ballout: “The Model I Initially Started With Is Not The Model We Are At Today”

The co-founder and CEO of Kitopi explains why investors trusted his network of interconnected smart cloud kitchens were a problem-solving business model in an area difficult for VCs

Gosia Karas: “Rounds Are Getting More Compressed These Days”

Karas, an Investment Director at SoftBank Group International, talks about how to evaluate a growth stage company

Why Startups Should Form In Delaware, According To Enrique Conde

This partner at Holland & Knight gives insights on how and when incorporating a startup and what’s the main considerations to take into account, from paperwork to how to name boards

Andrés García-Amaya: “It’s Like a Dance When You’re Fundraising As a Founder”

The founder and CEO of Zoe Financial says early-stage startups must be convinced that not everything is related to revenue, but to how they persuade people to work with them


Alessio Alionco: “You Need to Stand Out to Get a Seed or a Series A Round”

Ralf Wenzel: “It’s The Big Dreams That Attract Other People To Work For You”

“A Startup Is Very Much A Reflection of Its Founders,” Says Rodrigo Baer

Rodrigo Baer: “Why a Startup Is a Different Animal from a Traditional Company”

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