Visibility and adaptability core for truly integrated logistics

Maersk, as a global logistic integrator
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During the past couple of years, severe disruptions have impacted the supply chain unprecedentedly. Companies across different industries are reevaluating their supply chain dynamics, looking to add resilience, simplicity, better connectivity, and flexibility in a fragmented sector.

Integrated logistics is having visibility of the supply chain in real-time while moving your goods and products from where they are produced to where they are consumed. End-to-end integrated logistics is not just about covering the entire logistics process and being informed about any changes. Still, it is about being able to make real-time supply chain management decisions in any part of the chain. Most importantly, the entire process must be tailored considering each company’s goals and needs. End-to-end digital experiences and platforms provide greater visibility and control. A business must improve agility, resilience, and ability to respond to disruptions quickly and successfully.

Benefits of partnering with a logistic integrator

Having the right partner is vital to reaching your target markets. It allows you to have the proper physical and digital infrastructure to meet your business needs and always makes all the technological platforms available to enhance visibility, covering ocean, inland, customs management, warehousing, and added services.

Maersk, as a global logistic integrator dfd

One single platform to integrate the information

The supply chain has as many stakeholders as you can think of. Having one provider that integrates most of them by giving you visibility on one integrated platform with all the information becomes a pillar for integrating your logistics chain.

Flexibility, agility, and adaptability

In such a complex world, it is essential to partner with an integrated logistics provider that can adapt and respond rapidly to new situations, for example, by changing transport modes and accelerating or deaccelerating the flows.

Sustainable integration

Nowadays, strong regulations are being traced and implemented in the logistics world. Having a sustainable integration by reducing carbon emissions in some parts of the operations has been a challenge, but that is why you have to partner up with a logistic integrator aligned with your sustainability goals.

End-to-end tracking

Having visibility of the supply chain is crucial as it impacts many points in the process. Having door-to-door visibility does not free you from having problems, but it allows you to act fast at critical moments. Your logistics partner gives you this visibility by operating with technology and digitalization.

Maersk, as a global logistic integrator

A.P. Moller- Maersk embarked on a journey to become the integrator of container logistics, becoming a partner to our customers to navigate and simplify the complexity of their supply chains. Through this global expansion strategy, we aim to offer integrated logistics solutions to our customers beyond our ocean offering, developing a solid logistics footprint and providing complete end-to-end services based on customers’ specific demands.

Through integrated solutions, Maersk provides a seamless delivery network through products and services across the entire supply chain. We have transformed into a full-service, end-to-end logistics services provider, directly or indirectly offering services such as warehouse and distribution, consolidation and deconsolidation centers, customs clearance, air freight transportation, and less-than-container load solutions.

Maersk, as a global logistic integrator dfd

Maersk has been expanding and improving its product offering all over the world. With a presence in over 130 countries, the company leverages its shared global network operations to help optimize customers’ supply chains while they focus on its core business. In Latin America, the transformation journey began in 2017 with various organizational actions to improve the regional footprint and develop the necessary capabilities in the region. By the end of 2022, Maersk invested in more than 350,000 square-meter warehouse footprint in Latin America situated in strategic locations throughout the region.. We have a great ambition for the years to come. As we combine these strategically located warehouses and a broad portfolio of services, we aim to offer more value-added, agile solutions to our customers.

Being able to adapt to the ever-changing supply chain is all about having a partner as a logistics integrator that can help you meet your business needs. Maersk has that value proposition that can integrate your logistics chain with all the infrastructure needed to take the product from end to end, adding up technology to give you visibility, communication, information, and monitoring and letting you personalize services sustainably to achieve true end-to-end integration.