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Climate Change: Burning Trees in the Amazon Rainforest Melts Snow in the Himalayas

Scientists have found that the Earth’s largest rainforest and its so-called third pole are connected by atmospheric currents that carry heat and rain across the planet

By Laura Millan Lombrana

Lula’s Pledge to Stop Illegal Amazon Deforestation Wins Hero’s Welcome at COP27

Six Companies Plan a Massive Planting Push in Brazil

Lula’s New Term Gives the Amazon a Fighting Chance


Brazil Elections: How the Result Might Affect the Wider Latin American Landscape

World is Watching Whether Brazil Will Halt Deforestation, Theresa May Says

Climate Disasters in LatAm Imperil Global Food Security


Amazon Deforestation Reaches a Record in New Blow to President Bolsonaro

Police Say Suspect Admits Killing British Writer, Brazilian Activist in Amazon

Brazil, US Discuss Cooperation to Stop Illegal Trade of Amazon Timber


British Journalist, Human Rights Advocate Missing in Amazon After Receiving Threats

Elon Musk Is in Brazil to Meet Bolsonaro and Talk About the Amazon and Connectivity

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