World is Watching Whether Brazil Will Halt Deforestation, Theresa May Says

According to the former British premier, emerging markets can shift to a green economy by changing their mindset to innovation and switching to a different path of economic growth

Former UK prime minister Theresa May
August 05, 2022 | 10:29 am

São Paulo — The world is concerned about the Amazon rainforest and hopes Brazil will commit to halting deforestation as pledged at COP 26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Glasgow last year, according to former UK prime minister and current member of parliament Theresa May

“The world will be watching to see that and we want to see the future government moving that commitment forward,” May said in a video call to Brazilian company’s XP’s event Expert, which was held on Thursday.


“I can completely understand less developed countries looking to developed ones and saying ‘you used fossils fuels, you created the problem. So why should less developed countries be held back?’. I don’t want countries to be held back,” said May, explaining that countries shouldn’t look to economic growth as how it was in the past.

Emerging markets can shift to a green economy, changing their mindset to innovation, and changing to become different types of economics in the future, she said.


She believes developed countries should finance less developed ones to help them deal with climate change.

“Less developed countries don’t have to go through the same process of economic evolution that developed countries have been through. They can move more quickly to a green economy, not only halting greenhouse gas emissions, but halting the degradation of nature. We all need to make sure we’re doing what we said we would do,” she said, highlighting Brazil’s commitments.

“Taking care of climate change and economic growth are not opposites. This is not about how we did in the past, it’s about how we are going to do things differently in the future,” she said.

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