These Were January’s Top Active Investors in LatAm’s Startups

According to Sling Hub, SoftBank was the fund that invested most in the region in the first month of 2022

Pia Poppenreiter, cofundadora y directora ejecutiva de la aplicación de citas Ohlala, ajusta un globo de unicornio dentro del centro tecnológico Factory Berlin en Berlín, Alemania, el lunes 9 de mayo de 2016.
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February 08, 2022 | 11:41 AM

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Latin America’s startups raised over $1.3 billion in 81 funding rounds in January 2022. The total volume of investments surpassed the same month in 2021 by 70%, according to the Sling Hub platform’s data. Which are the funds that allocate money to tech in the region? In January, the most active investor was SoftBank, according to Sling Hub, followed by Kaszek, and Maya Capital, both leading five rounds.

Most active investors in January, according to Sling Hub:

  • SoftBank - Invested in 7 startups
  • Kaszek - Invested in 5 startups
  • Maya - Invested in 5 startups
  • Domo - Invested in 3 startups
  • Canary - Invested in 3 startups
  • Iporanga - Invested in 3 startups
  • Endeavor - Invested in 3 startups

The average round size in Latin America was $25.4 million, 56% bigger than the 2021 average. According to Sling Hub, 76% of January’s fundraising went to Brazil and 8% to Mexico. Yet, Brazil raised 11% less than the same period in 2021. Brazil-based startups raised $581 million in 62 rounds, responding for 45% of the volume raised in the region.

Colombia’s companies raised $255 million last month, accounting for 19% of the region’s funding with only five rounds. One of them was an impressive $181 million Series B secured by the construtech Tul.

Meanwhile, the top 10 startups that received most of the funding in January were:

  1. Creditas - $260 million
  2. Tul - $181 million
  3. Satellogic - $150 million
  4. Gupy - $90 million
  5. Xepelin - $80 million
  6. Mati - $70 million
  7. Nexu - $50 million
  8. Laika - $48 million
  9. Fairplay - $35 million
  10. Rei do Pitaco -$32 million

According to Sling Hub, Latin America nearly doubled January’s 2021 amount in terms of mergers and acquisitions. The region had 25 acquisitions and five merges, and fintechs represented 20% of the startups acquired in the first month of 2022.

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