Damián Scokin

August 12, 2021 | 09:29 PM
  • Sector: Technology
  • Company: Despegar
  • Country: Argentina

Damián Scokin is the CEO of the online tourism multilatina Despegar, one of the five Argentine unicorns, since 2017. The virtual paralysis of the industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic led to a historic annual loss of more than US$140 million in 2020. However, the company still enjoys the investors’ trust. Since the beginning of the pandemic it has raised US$200 million in private capital, and in 2020 the company announced the purchase of a competitor in Mexico, Best Day Travel Group, for US$56.5 million. It also announced the acquisition of digital payments fintech Koin. In June, the company announced that it would hire more than 150 people in Argentina in 2021.