Millennials Among the Most Excited in US for 2022 World Cup

Overall, 3 in 5 Americans plan to watch World Cup matches, a Morning Consult survey finds

U.S. national soccer team in a training session in Doha.
November 24, 2022 | 03:04 PM

Bloomberg Línea — In a demographic that speaks volumes about the shift in the US professional sports fanbase, millennials are the group most likely to watch Qatar 2022 World Cup matches on TV, according to a Morning Consult poll.

The research firm says that 56% of members of this generation plan to watch Qatar 2022 World Cup games, either live, on TV, or via streaming.

Within this group, 18% said they would watch “a lot” of the World Cup, 22% “some” and 14% “not too much”.

In contrast, just over a third (34%) said they would not watch any matches of the tournament.


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Conversely, more than half of all adults in the survey (52%) will watch “none at all” of this year’s World Cup.

Morning Consult highlights Baby Boomers: 70% say they do not plan to watch any matches, compared to only 4% who will watch a lot, 10% some, and 14% not too much.


Clearly, soccer fans and “avid” fans stand out. Of the former group, 59% say they will watch a lot and some of the World Cup, while 58% of the latter say they will watch a lot, and 27% say they will watch some.

Within the United States, the World Cup lags far behind in viewer preference for televised sports.

Overall, adults in the survey (2,211 people) reveal that they prefer events such as the Super Bowl: 65% say they are “very likely” or “likely” to watch it. Meanwhile, 58% say they will “very likely” or “likely” watch the Olympics, 47% the Baseball World Series, 37% the NBA Finals, 31% the Kentucky Derby, 29% the Stanley Cup Final (field hockey), 28% the Daytona 500 and just 28% the World Cup, narrowly edging out Wimbledon (22%).

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