Rounds of the Last Week of 2022: The Coffee, Cromai, Kultua and More

Brazilian startups receive funding to start 2023 with cash on hand

The startups that managed to fill their pockets to start 2022 with the breath of having cash in hand.
December 30, 2022 | 02:58 PM

Bloomberg Línea — Venture capital investment accumulated until November 2022 in Brazil was $4.48 billion, while in the same period in 2021 it had reached $8.9 billion, according to data from the innovation platform Distrito. Meanwhile, in the closed year 2021, there was $9.8 billion invested.

The drop in interest in risky assets by investors because of the rise in interest rates has made capital more difficult and more selective in 2022. In the final week of a challenging year, these were the startups that managed to fill their pockets to start 2022 with a breath of cash on hand:

The Coffee

Brazilian specialty coffee chain The Coffee received $7.5 million in a round led by Monashees and CapSur Capital, which specializes in growth equity. It was the third round for the startup, which in 2020 received $5 million in a Series A. The company intends to use the money to expand its network of cafes in Latin America. Today, through franchises, The Coffee has 200 shops, with 11 abroad: Colombia, Spain, France, and Portugal.

The money will also be used to develop the startup’s technology, which provides an application for cashless orders, and cashback, as well as a self-service tablet and command prompts.



The agtech Cromai, of artificial intelligence for agriculture, received a round of about R$ 15 million ($2.84 million) from Baraúna Venture Capital and Henrique and Luiza Del Papa, of Agropecuária Sucuri and rural producers of the region of Morro Agudo, in São Paulo.

The company says it serves “more than half” of the 30 largest sugarcane producers. The company has developed a system that detects invasive plants in crops and intends to increase sales eight times over the next two years. The idea is also to reach the soybean producers in Brazil.


The startup for business culture diagnosis and management ritual Kultua received a pre-Seed round of R$745,000 (US$140,000). There were 33 angel investors, such as WIM Angels, FEA Angels, Sororité, JUPTER, JCS Venture, and SVI, which made the company’s first contribution.


Kultua intends to use the money to launch its partnership platform with autonomous consultants who want to use its data tool for the cultural management of companies and clients.

Inovar Sistemas

US investment firm Feba Capital has invested an undisclosed amount in the ERP systems platform Inovar Sistemas.

Inovar Sistemas offers a platform for the entrepreneur to manage processes in an integrated manner, with inventory control, registration of new customers, and control of payment methods, among others,

It is Feba Capital’s first investment in a series of planned new early-stage investments in Brazil.


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