Supply Chain

Global Key Workers Threaten to Hit the World’s Economy Where It Hurts Most

From railway and port workers in the US to natural-gas fields in Australia and truck drivers in Peru, employees are demanding a better deal as inflation eats into their wages

Oil Prices Slump Won’t Produce Immediate Relief on Inflation

Pump prices for gasoline and diesel are being supported by a shortage of oil refining capacity

Hot Sauce, Beer, Popcorn: Shoppers Face Shortages of Favorite Items this Summer

A shortage of popular food items from popcorn to sriracha is hitting restaurants and grocery shelves this summer, a sign that the world’s immense supply chains are still under pressure

Why Honduras is Suffering a Tampon Shortage

Due to the global container crisis, supermarkets and drugstores in the Central American country are struggling to get supplies on their shelves


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What Does LatAm Need to Be a Strong Link in the West’s Supply Chain?

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Supply Chains Won’t Go Back to Normal, DHL Says


Crise na cadeia global de suprimentos é oportunidade para América Latina

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DHL Predicts Supply Chains Won’t Be Back to Pre-Covid Levels in 2023

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Fearing the Axe in 2022, CEOs Sweat Supply Chain More Than Covid


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What Nutella Teaches Us About Global Supply Chain Risks

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