Exclusive: Anitta, the Business Woman Behind her Own Brand

Everyone knows Anitta for her songs and incredible performances, but here at Bloomberg Línea, we wanted to learn about her business ideas.

Anitta, who recently moved to Miami, is looking to expand her startdom on a global scale.
By Marcella McCarthy (EN)
September 22, 2022 | 05:01 PM

Miami — For most of her career, she’s been the business mind behind all her decisions. For example, it was her idea to drop singles individually and spaced out, instead of releasing an entire album. For a long time she didn’t have anyone booking her meetings, because she felt like no one else knew what it was like to be in her shoes. Her art and performances are one of a kind, but her success is also a result of her business savvy. While many Latin American artists are more than content being famous just in their country or in the region, Anitta has always had her sights set on a global career. Everyone knows Anitta for her art and her blockbuster performances, but here at Bloomberg Línea, we wanted to learn about the business woman behind the brand. We talked to Anitta and this is what she had to say:

*This interview has been edited for clarity

Bloomberg Línea: While you’re known for being an incredible performer, you’re also an extremely savvy business person. How do you invest your money and why have you chosen these avenues?


Anitta: From a very early age I was always interested in the subject of money and saving to achieve my goals. As a child, I had a piggy bank and everything. Then I grew up and realized that I needed to save money. I decided to create a savings account, but nothing too complex, and it wasn’t focused on investments or anything like that. After I started getting famous, I obviously needed someone to take care of it for me. Today, I have this person on my team who takes care of investments and cash flow.

BL: You’re big on helping the lower classes, such as those in the neighborhood you grew up in. Are you participating in any projects that teach the lower classes how to grow their money?

Anitta: Financial planning is very important and for me it is a great motivation to make more people have access to financial education. That is why it is nice to see the market also moving in this direction. Also, financial inclusion is in Nubank’s DNA. It was very nice, for example, to arrive at the board meeting and see that the issue of access to credit in Brazil was already on the agenda for us to discuss. It made even more sense for us to work together moving forward.

BL: You’ve been spending a lot of time in Miami the last couple of years, even having performed here. The Grutmans seem to be the core of your social network here. Why did you decide to move to Miami now, (as opposed to some other time) and what do you hope to achieve career wise with the move?


Anitta: I decided to move to Miami so I can be closer to my managers, producers, radios, TV networks, events, performances etc. It’s a complex decision. I felt that now is the time. I had to be prepared for that. It’s so important for my career. The Grutmans is my family here! I love them.

BL: Do you plan to share time between Miami and Brazil? If so, how will your endeavors be different in each country?

Anitta: For sure! Brazil is my home, I have a lot of fans there. I have my family, my house, everything and I have those things in the U.S. as well. I think Miami and Brazil will be equal for me. I hope so. Actually, I love Miami but I also have a reason to be here too; Miami is a very strategical place. From there, I can go to Europe, Mexico, Brazil, LA, NY, all within a couple of hours.

BL: You’ve recently joined the board of directors at Nubank. How did that partnership come about, and how do you plan to contribute?

Anitta: This invitation came to me as a big surprise and, after a lot of consideration, I decided to take it. I always wonder how I can actually add to any partnership I do. From musicals to being a bank advisor. I talked a lot with Cris and David - the cofounders of Nubank - and they all made me feel very comfortable being who I am and collaborating in the way I know how to do and based on my experience in business, entrepreneurship and with the general public. Like any board, we are discussing the bank’s projects and actions and this exchange with the other board members has been a very enriching experience for me.

BL: A lot of Latin American performers are content with being successful in LatAm, but from the very beginning, your ambition has seemed to be global. Why does going global matter to you?


Anitta: I always thought of my career in stages. I prefer to say it that way. I started working, researching and seeing that it was possible to increase my area of performance as a singer. I would like to take my art and funk dancing to the world. I am happy when I realize that other countries and nations are enjoying my work.

BL: What, besides new music, can we expect from Anitta in the next 6-12 months?

More mature, experienced and working in other areas. I can say I’ll also slow down a bit after my album.