Three Ways to Enhance Work Productivity With a Smartphone

Integrating technological devices and making the most of their capabilities can be a powerful tool to transform the way you work and significantly increase your productivity

Three Ways to Enhance Productivity With a Smartphone.
August 13, 2023 | 03:00 AM

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Bogotá — Making the most of the capabilities of technological devices is vital for productivity in daily tasks and at work, and accessing information in real time and without the need to connect cables or install additional applications or programs becomes a pressing task.

Here are three tips from Huawei to improve work and school performance:

  1. Use your smartphone as a wireless storage unit: if you often send files to your WhatsApp chats and then download them to your computer, or if you constantly send yourself emails with documents from your phone to open them on your PC, this tip will come in handy: by turning your phone into a wireless unit with storage you can access any file, edit it on your PC, and save it back to your smartphone without inconvenience, allowing you to increase the storage capacity of your other devices and making file sharing easier. All you have to do is link it via Bluetooth connection and the files will automatically appear in the storage section of your PC’s File Explorer. In this way, you will have access to all the folders to work with directly from your laptop. Another option available is share, available on different devices, and a technology that allows you to share photos and videos quickly and effectively between computers.
  2. Turn your tablet into a second monitor: If you need to use several programs simultaneously in your work or classes, it is likely that your PC screen is not enough. It’s not just about its size, but also about the convenience of having a wider field of view and work when typing, taking calls or multitasking. You can use one of your cell phone’s features to connect your tablet to your laptop to use it as a secondary monitor. “Note that in addition to using your tablet as a second monitor to extend your laptop screen, you can also make it the primary field of view. This way, you can run high-performance programs such as Photoshop directly on your PC, but edit the image from the tablet for greater precision and convenience, although all the processing work will actually be done by your computer,” Huawei states.
  3. Use your phone applications on your PC. Another tool that will be of great help to increase your productivity is the possibility of projecting the screen of your smartphone on your PC. With this function you will be able to visualize on your brand computer, the information of applications that are not available on Windows, since the screen of your phone will be replicated as a mirror on your computer. Thanks to this function you could activate the camera on your phone and project what you see, in real time, on your computer. You will also be able to open games for your leisure moments and watch them in the comfort of your PC screen or review your contacts’ posts on TikTok, without having to open the application directly from the website on your computer. “To do this you only need to bring your phone close to the computer from the lower right corner and as if by magic your smartphone screen will appear on your PC screen, you will only need to authorize screen sharing from one device to the other from both devices and you will automatically be able to enjoy the projection. A very useful and very easy to explore feature that streamlines your productivity,” the company states.
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