10 Mexican Companies to Watch In 2023

Analysts see these 10 companies as standing out in the coming months amid high inflation and an impending recession, but also enjoying a possible bonanza due to nearshoring

10 Mexican companies to watch in 2023
December 08, 2022 | 06:16 PM

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Mexico City — With this year drawing to a close, analysts are beginning to focus on what the next year will bring in Mexico’s business environment, including the companies that will play a key role.

The trend toward nearshoring, continuing high inflation and the threat of a recession provide the context of Mexico’s business and economic outlook, at least in the short term, according to analysts consulted by Bloomberg Línea.

Some companies could benefit from the country’s geographic position, given the reconfiguration of global supply chains that serve the United States, with the trend toward nearshoring potentially boosting logistics and industrial real estate companies.

Nearshoring will also extend the bonanza to other segments, such as the financial sector, which will have to loosen its pockets to help finance growth, mainly in northern Mexico, albeit in a context of high interest rates.


As some win, others lose, however. Higher financing costs may not be good news for companies that are due to repay debt in 2023 or those that have struggled for years to improve their leverage levels.

Inflationary pressures and consumer purchasing power will also be a focus, to see how retailers will navigate the persistence of the inflationary storm that escalated in 2022.

Bloomberg Línea consulted a group of analysts at Casa de Bolsa about the companies on their radar for the coming year. Some are the usual suspects, while others are not so often in the spotlight but could bring some surprises.

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10 Mexican companies to watch in 2023

-- Information compiled from companies’ information released to the Mexican Stock Exchange, and from Bloomberg. The market value estimates were compiled by Bloomberg Línea.

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