Eduardo Arquieta

Mexico | Operations Director | Jabil

September 17, 2023 | 07:00 PM

Jabil is an industrial giant of which little is said, but which participates in a fundamental sector for development and innovation: the supply of electronic components for all types of industries. With Eduardo Arquieta at the head of its operations, the company is not only the largest employer in Jalisco (where the so-called Mexican ‘Silicon Valley’ is located, with 13,300 jobs), but it is also one of the largest investors (it has a US$400 million plan ready for the next five years). The company is a supplier of automotive giants such as Ford, as well as technology companies such as HP, Dell and Intel. The company has signed agreements for the development of engineers with the University of Guadalajara, which will allow the development of a professional base to supply the enormous demand for ‘manpower’ - as Arquieta calls it - in the local electronics industry.