Luis Miguel Castillo y Carlos Enrique Mata

Guatemala | Chairman and CEO | CBC

Carlos Enrique Mata y Luis Miguel Castillo e
By Bloomberg Línea
September 17, 2023 | 07:06 PM

Luis Miguel Castillo, as chairman, and Carlos Enrique Mata, as executive president, lead CBC, a company engaged in the distribution and sale of beverages in Latin America. CBC produces carbonated soft drinks, juices and nectars, bottled water, energy drinks, tea, and beer. This company, founded in 1885, was chosen by PepsiCo as a bottler in 1942 and in 1998 as an anchor bottler. In 2003, CBC agreed a strategic alliance with Ambev, the world’s largest beer company, and in 2009, it expanded its product portfolio to include juices, nectars and sports drinks. In 2011, it began its expansion to South America and in 2016, it developed Beliv, a business unit for the development of nutritional and functional beverages. Currently, CBC products reach 16 countries around the world. Outside Latin America, it has presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, and Spain.