Stéphane Maquaire

Brazil | CEO | Carrefour Brazil

Stephan Maquaire
September 17, 2023 | 07:00 PM

Stéphane Maquaire has been CEO of Carrefour Group Brazil since September 2021. The executive has worked since 2019 at the French retailer, where he was also CEO for Argentina. In Brazil, the group is responsible for the operations of the two Carrefour units and the Atacadão brand. Maquaire has been at the helm of the Brazilian operation following the acquisition of Grupo Big (ex-Walmart and owner of Sam’s Club in Brazil) for 7.5 billion reais (US$1.514 billion), which was completed in 2022. The group’s net income amounted to 97.38 billion reais (US$19.666 billion) in 2022 and net profit was 1.82 billion reais (US$367 million).