Lilia Neumann de Sielecki

August 12, 2021 | 04:50 PM
  • Sector: Pharma
  • Company: Elea
  • Country: Argentina

Lilia Neumann de Sielecki is the point person of the family that owns Elea laboratories (along with Hugo Sigman and Silvia Gold) and also owns petrochemical companies Petroken and PetroCuyo, in addition to being shareholders of Transportadora Gas del Sur. During the pandemic, and through PetroCuyo (the main polypropylene manufacturer in the country), the family donated 170,000 rapid test kits for the coronavirus to the nation’s Ministry of Health. In addition, Elea participated in Phase III trials for the Covid-19 vaccine developed by China’s Sinopharm. In 2020, Elea acquired Geniol’s line of analgesics, corticosteroids Deltisona B and Deltisona Retard, among other drug purchases that represented an investment of more than US$25 million.