Bloomberg Línea’s Podcast ‘La Estrategia del Día’ Celebrates 500,000 Plays, Launches in Argentina

The Argentine edition of the popular daily podcast launches February 1

LED Argentina
January 31, 2022 | 05:45 AM

(Press Release) — La Estrategia del Día, the podcast that quickly became one of the most-listened-to in Latin America in the news and business category in 2021, celebrates 500,000 plays and is now expanding to Argentina.

The Argentine version of the podcast begins streaming from February 1 on Spotify (SPOT) every morning, and will also be available on the websites of Bloomberg Línea, the multi-platform business news brand in Latin America and the Caribbean.

La Estrategia del Día Argentina launches with information oriented toward Argentine audiences, with analysis, data, and interviews with analysts, investors and influential personalities to deliver a complete overview of what is happening daily in the country, as well as in the region and the world, and all within a short, dynamic format.


La Estrategia del Día launched in Mexico on September 1 as the first Bloomberg Línea podcast, and which in a matter of days positioned itself among the most-listened-to audio news podcasts for the Mexican audience. It quickly gained traction in other countries regionally and globally, according to Chartable, Podtail and other podcast data analysis firms.

Five months after its launch, it is in the Top 3, with thousands of daily plays.

Following the podcast’s success and acceptance by Mexican audiences, La Estrategia del Día Colombia launched in October, and in February 2022 it expands to Argentina, its third market, to provide personalized information to audiences, according to the economic, financial and political context of the day.

“Creating a product that mixes quick, digestible, but accurate and reliable information, with a local feel, has allowed us to insert ourselves into the daily morning routine of people who today open the door to us and give us their time, trusting that they will start the day well informed, and Argentina will undoubtedly be another success,” said Jimena Tolama, News Director for Mexico-North Cone at Bloomberg Línea, creator of the brand’s podcast concept, and its host and co-producer.


La Estrategia del Día Argentina will be included in Spotify’s ‘La Ruta Diaria’ playlist, providing analysis and information that guides decision makers with exclusive content only found on Spotify. The podcast will be hosted by Francisco Aldaya, editor for Argentina at Bloomberg Linea, a journalist with 10 years’ experience covering the Latin American financial sector, including for S&P Global Market Intelligence, the Buenos Aires Herald and the Buenos Aires Times.

Also participating in this project are Arturo Luna and Daniel Hernández as multimedia producers, and Kaio Philipe, executive producer and COO of Bloomberg Línea.

BloombergLí launched in August 2021 in Latin America and the Caribbean, becoming the newest and fastest growing multi-platform business news brand in the region.

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