Daniel Werthein

August 12, 2021 | 10:04 PM
  • Sector: Diversified
  • Company: Grupo Werthein
  • Country: Argentina

Daniel Werthein is the president of Grupo Werthein, a private holding with nearly 100 years of experience and footing in seven different sectors, including food, energy, agribusiness, health, and technology. The group is entirely managed by Daniel and his cousins, who inherited the company from his grandfather and great uncle. In June 2021, they invested 15 million Argentine pesos to expand the exports of dried fruits to the United States and Europe by 40%. In 2020 they also invested 250 million Argentine pesos to compete in the healthy biscuit market, teaming up with Cachamai. In 2020 they also created Werthein Technologies, an incubator and digital accelerator, focused on the insurance, financial, health, and agricultural industries.