Flavia Almeida

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Flavia Almeida
March 06, 2023 | 08:00 PM

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Flavia Buarque de Almeida is a partner and CEO of Península Participações, the investment company founded by Abilio Diniz in 2006 and which today manages his family’s assets. An experienced investor with expertise in private equity and real estate, Flavia was one of the founders of the Bloomberg Women’s Buy-Side Network initiative for Brazil and previously partner and head of South America at Monitor Group. She held leadership positions at Camargo Correa and McKinsey, as well as boards at large companies such as Carrefour and Ultrapar-where she is still a board member-BRF and Lojas Renner. With an MBA from Harvard Business School and a major from INSEAD, she also participates in education and nonprofit organizations.