Brazil’s Bolsonaro Visits Russia; U.S. Halts Mexican Avocado Imports

A roundup of Monday’s news from across Latin America

Bloomberg Línea
February 15, 2022 | 12:16 AM

Bloomberg Línea — Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has begun a visit to Russia that, despite the bad timing, may bring benefits to the image of the Brazilian government on the international stage.

Avocados could become even more expensive as the United States has temporarily suspended imports from the world’s largest producing region in Mexico, Michoacán, following threats made against U.S personnel in the region who carry out quality control testing on the fruit.

On the region’s stock markets, Brazil’s Ibovespa (IBOV), the leading index of the largest stock market by market capitalization in Latin America, was the only one in the region to close with gains after registering a slight rise of 0.29%.


Consumer stocks boosted the index on Monday, with shares of xompanies such as Magazine Luiza (MGLU3); Americanas (AMER3) and Petz (PETZ3), while the IT and industrial sectors also performed positively during the day.

Following is a roundup of Monday’s news from Bloomberg Línea and Bloomberg reporters across Latin America.





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